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    Guangdong Famous ASEAN (Indonesia) Jakarta Exhibition Opening

    Jakarta, August 7 (Reporter Gu Shihong) aims to “Indonesia” exhibition build a strong bridge the economic and hogan outlet trade cooperation, to build a “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” Guangdong Famous ASEAN (Indonesia) on the 7th exhibition in Jakarta Opening.

    According to organizers, the exhibition by means of the “Global Sourcing Fair” as a platform for cooperation, jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, CCPIT Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan Municipal Government, Guangdong Province Chaozhou moncler uomo city government and other government efforts at all levels. Show the total size of 500 standard exhibition, showing the industry covering electronic appliances, lighting, hardware and building materials, gifts, home hogan outlet decor, office, garment bags, consumer goods and foods.

    Mayor of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, said speech at the opening ceremony, along with economic globalization progresses, especially the active participation of the 21st century, Guangdong Maritime Silk Road, and construction of China piumini moncler – ASEAN Free Trade Area will usher in the upgraded version, indicates that economic and trade cooperation between Guangdong and Indonesia will enter a new period of development, “Indonesia” exhibition will be involved in building “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” construction “bridgehead.”

    He said that Guangdong Province hogan outlet as the ancient “Marine Silk Road” to the forefront of reform and opening up, China is currently ASEAN window open frontier cooperation; Indonesia as a core member of hogan outlet ASEAN, the ancient “Marine Silk Road” an important hub, with Guangdong trade frequently, Guangdong products to enter the ASEAN market is an important re-export base. Guangdong’s major export commodities in Indonesia for the food, textile and clothing, footwear, hardware and building materials, home appliances, machinery and industrial equipment, lamps and other lighting. Meanwhile, imports of raw and auxiliary materials, Guangdong Province, from Indonesia, agricultural products and food, can make up for the shortage of resource products.

    The outlet moncler same day, the organizers are still Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center “Guangdong (Zhongshan ・ Chaozhou) – Indonesia’s Investment and Trade Promotion” and held “Trade and investment signing ceremony” and professional buyers in the promotion conference counterparts to negotiate. (End)


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    Foreign media: Malaysia Airlines plans to ex-gratia payment to employees and curb thanks

    August 1, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 1st, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in just four months of this bracciali tiffany year, a series of disappearances and MH17 face MH370 passenger airliner crashed two serious crash, the aviation industry source pointed out MAS management has agreed to release 2,000 ringgit ex-gratia payment to all employees, to thank them and the company to tide over this difficult moment.

    Malaysia Airlines limited cash faster depletion

    However, doing so is tantamount to “burn”, is likely to make the already troubled MAS faster depletion of limited cash.

    According to the latest financial reports Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia piumini woolrich Airlines has 19,577 employees, ex-gratia payment if true, means that MAS must be spending about 39 million ringgit in cash.

    Malaysia Financial Daily “The Edge” quoted sources reported that Malaysia Airlines management, after consultation with the government views the decision to the company nearly 20,000 employees, issued an ex-gratia payment of RM 2000 per person.

    Reported that Malaysia Airlines has been made within the company announced, woolrich outlet is expected to be the fastest in this month ex-gratia payment to thank the employees of the tiffany milano company at a scarpe hogan difficult time staying.

    However, Malaysia Airlines senior vice president by the advisory, refused to confirm the news.

    According to reports, the decision was made by Malaysia Airlines main , two days before the Eid al-Fitr in the company’s internal announcement. Nuoyousuofu also Khazanah (Khazanah), one of the directors.

    Khazanah is the Malaysian government investment agency, holds a 69.4% stake in Malaysia Airlines. In other words, the government is the major shareholder of nike air max MAS.

    Malaysia Airlines continued to suffer losses over the past three years, in March this year MH370 aircraft after the incident, they came Khazanah intends to take drastic measures to revive the Malaysia Airlines, which include a comprehensive privatization program of Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airlines declared bankruptcy or government to inject more funds to save MAS.

    Khazanah had in June pointed out that MAS still has funds to support a year, therefore, Khazanah is still enough time to prepare Malaysia Airlines restructuring plan and said it would decide the future fate of the MAS within 6-12 months.

    However, when Khazanah still think the best solution on the occasion, but MH17 over the crash occurred in eastern Ukraine, making Malaysia Airlines worse, the stock fell to 0.185 ringgit per share, forcing Malaysia nike tn italia Airlines must accelerate the pace of the reorganization plan.

    Sources pointed out that in this case, Khazanah increasingly inclined to divest stake in Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange so that delisted to conduct a comprehensive restructuring.

    It is learned that Khazanah and CIMB Bank will (CIMB) cooperation, is expected to submit a proposal to privatize MAS Prime Minister Najib next week. CIMB Bank is a subsidiary of Khazanah, while Najib is the Chairman of the Board Khazanah.


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