Politics Is A Relay

A group of South African comedians have mocked the political leadership of Zimbabwe. In a video which went viral on the internet, the three actors are discussing how the political leadership is supposed to be like, something which late politician and Zanu PF bigwig Edson Zvobgo once reiterated, that politics is like a relay.

In Zimbabwe as has been noted starting with the President Robert Mugabe to other political parties particularly the MDC-T, only one person has been running the race and running away with the ‘baton’ of leadership. In a relay, one runner has to hand the baton to the next person until the race finishes, in Zimbabwe’s situatio,, Mugabe has been running away with the baton of presidency and is not giving up soon.

Just as Zvobgo had put it, “MuZimbabwe takapa chimuti kubenzi, rakabva ratiza nacho harichadi kupa vamwe(in Zimbabwe we gave the baton(presidency) to a mad person who ran away with it and not giving others a chance)”, Mugabe has dealt with any oppostion to his leadership. The recent purge has seen Vice President Joyce Mujuru and other top Zanu PF bigwigs being dismissed and expelled from the party.

The same now goes with the opposition. Morgan Tsvangirai’s has seen a lot of break aways from the party with many demanding him to step down since he has failed. Recently, Tsvangirai has been given a lot of power by the amendments made on their constitution.

Below is the video of the actors portraying/teasing Zimbabwe politics.


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