I Do Not Want To See A White Face – Mugabe

A broadcast on Friday by South African
Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), showed long time Zimbabwean president, Mugabe, telling a group of reporters on Thursday, he did not want to see a white man, while visiting the Hector Pieterson Museum which has a memorial for the 200 or so Sowetan youth killed by apartheid police during the June 1976 demonstrations.

The Zimbabwean president who on his first trip in about 20 years to South Africa was very critical of the west as usual, appeared to embrace a media question as to whether his visit to the museum “evoked any memories” until he seemed to walk away, saying, “I don’t want to see a white man”.
What is unclear, is whether the mentioned
remark was the president’s answer to the
question posed to him or if he indeed was
fleeing from an unfriendly face as some in the media have insinuated.

President Mugabe, a former guerrilla fighter, who fought for the independence of his people from white Rhodesian minority rule, spend about 10 years in a Rhodesian prison during the struggle.

He became president of the country in 1987 after serving as the country’s first prime minister from 1980 when the country gained its independent.

The 91 year old has said he will not step aside for the younger generation to take power, citing, they do not respect his sacrifice for nation.

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