The so called deadline to vendors to leave CBD is a denial of the economic decline and disaster facing Zimbabwe today. It is apparent that vending is the only informal employment currently available in Zimbabwe due to underemployment and unemployment. We are faced here with a sad catastrophe and it is at this time that we must unite as Zimbabweans against those who seek to deny us a decent life in the harsh circumstances. The vending problem is a result of a failed economy and directly a failed state. Most companies have closed shop amid the much hyped and touted blank Zimasset which has but remained a pipe dream.

DARE notes with grave concern the tendency to window dress poverty in the name of organised vending. It is true the world over that vending is in itself a form of employment especially in third world failed states like Zimbabwe. DARE acknowledges the hard efforts of our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers in the streets vending not because of their choice but economic disparities that exists in Zimbabwe. We salute these vendors who of late have been able to send children to school and put food on the table .In the same vein we commend their resilience and bravery of not giving in to hopelessness and desperation. 

We want then to urge Harare City Council not allocate stalls in areas that are far from the catchment areas, near bus termini and mini bus ranks. The point being the vendors need access to clients and in such a scenario the municipality should copy the South African model in Tshwane where stalls are smart and clearly demarcated and vendors pay a fee towards usage of such stalls. Removing vendors to sites where they cannot access clients is mischievous and a mockery. Indeed we stand in solidarity with vendors and urge them to be resilient in the face of those who have amassed wealth albeit corruptly. 

DARE applauds the army for saying no to abuse, to beat up, threaten and evict vendors in towns. Zimbabwe is not in a state of emergency and the purported use of the army through the controversial JOC is surely provocation to hungry, hopeless Zimbabweans. We definitely demand a formal state of emergency through parliament with clear operational parameters which do not infringe the bill of human rights and constitution. The army should remain in their barracks come Sunday and refuse to take illegal action against a battered citizenry. 

On the other hand vendors should speak with one voice and not partisan because the issue at hand is about survival. We are astounded that Grace Mugabe has remained mum during these trying times as an instigator of wanton occupation of public spaces for vending in our cities. Her tacit involvement in the issue of vendors should be condemned as politicking with peoples stomachs. Indeed she should issue an apology to the nation or actively help in pursuing a win-win situation between vendors and concerned parties. 

DARE remains seized with protecting the citizenry of this country who are trying by all means to eke a humiliating but dissent livelihood. We advocate for restoration of values that recognises that we are all our brothers’ keepers. Vendors are human beings and should be empowered and be given access to markets in a way that is organised and healthy for the nation. 

DARE categorically ask government to address the economic challenges or fall on their sword by resigning en-mass. Zanu Pf has failed the nation and we cannot afford one more day under this humiliation. We need new elections and electoral reforms which will give confidence and trust to an incoming government. We call upon the international community to condemn the planned harassment of vendors as a reminder of Murambatsvina which left homes and families devastated. 

Dare kwese kwese!!!!!
IDale yonke indawo!!!!

Inserted by the Information and Publicity Department, Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE)

DARE intensifies campaigns

The Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment(DARE) has intensified their parliamentary by-elections campaigns in Harare as they near the fateful 10 June election day.

DARE has four representatives vying for the parliamentary positions namely Ephraim Muzzah for Kuwadzana, Washington Madure for Dzivaresekwa, Reginald Musika for Glen View and Brian Shamu for Kambuzuma. This is DARE’s first ever election since the formation of the party in March 2014 under the leadership of Mr. Gilbert Dzikiti.

Intensive door-to-door campaigns have been carried out in the respective constituencies with the president himself helping the candidates reaching out to residents. The party has received positive responses from the residents in the constituencies they are campaigning for.

However, financial woes have tried to sink the party’s campaign but the candidates have stood strong in the face of difficulty.

“We are facing a lot of problems due to financial problems,” party deputy spokesperson commented,”It is hard to campaign on a zero budget. However our candidates have shown dedication and commitment by parting with the little they had to support their campaign. Some party members have also sacrificed from their pockets but it is not enough.”

Victory looks certain however, for the candidates who have braved the weather and put aside their difficulties and problems to campaign.

DARE campaigns

DARE President Gilbert Dzikiti with the campaigning team

DARE President Gilbert Dzikiti with the campaigning team

Violence Against Opposition in By-Elections Campaign

D.A.R.E Deputy Spokesperson, Clemence Nhliziyo

D.A.R.E Deputy Spokesperson, Clemence Nhliziyo

The opposition is once again faced with the ever increasing violence as by-elections are being held in Zimbabwe. Of concern to D.A.R.E Political Party is violence in Hurungwe which obviously has spiraled into Harare campaigns where there has been recorded cases of violence against the opposition.

The point is we have seen the complicity of state arms in this violence. This is clearly so in Hurungwe, GlenView South, Highfield West and Kuwadzana. In Hurungwe the opposition candidate’s farm has been invaded and his workers assaulted grievously with no arrest to date. Hurungwe is in fear as people are being threatened, kidnapped, tortured and have practically been imprisoned in their country.

The recent video of Ignatious Chiminya Chombo addressing Sabhukus and chiefs and seconding to them state security personnel has pointed at a gross abuse of authority, office and state arms to further partisan interest. The state intelligence apparatus have been roped in to be involved in influencing the vote while traditional leaders through fear being forced to play ball with Zanu Pf against their better judgement. Hurungwe can never be considered free and fair elections and violence there is disgusting, smacking of debauchery and gross human rights abuses while the police fail to act in defence of people.

The very scourge of violence has spread to by-election areas in Harare where opposition supporters have been attacked in Glen View, Highfield and Kuwadzana over the past weekend. Once again no criminals and perpetrators were arrested as the law agencies froze in the face of party power. It points to lawlesness and criminal immunity.

It is really pathetic and against the spirit of the constitution of Zimbabwe and democracy at large. The constitution guarantees freedom of expression, political persuasion and freedom of movement. The purpose of having elections is contestation of ideas and promise and not violence and muscle. It is in light of the scourge of violence that we ask ZEC to declare that conditions for free and fair elections do not exist and have not existed in Zimbabwe.

The events prior to any election affects the result on voting day and after. With this in mind we call upon ZEC to disqualify Zanu Pf in the pending by-elections. Even after bussing in people from Harare South and other people from other constituencies Zanu Pf continues to intimidate oposition mobilisers which is a violation of the electoral act. Mr Terence Makupe in his court case has glaringly pointed out the fact that ZEC takes orders from Zanu Pf functionaries and the nomination court was adjourned from the normal bussines time of 16:30 to way after 21:00 to accomodate Zanu PF.

Such was the case in Headlands constituency where Didymus Mutasa was disqualified with Zanu PF threatening electoral court officials. It is apparent that ZEC is not impartial in the act of unfair inclinations towards elections in Zimbabwe. We are obviously going into an election with a half baked voters roll and there is more room for manipulation of election results. We are cogniscent of the need to reform the electoral process in Zimbabwe and especially the secretariat at ZEC, the influence of Zanu PF on security apparatus and abuse of such personnel to further entrench the ruling party hedgemony.

We are indeed appealing to the generality of Zimbabweans to the fact that, although we can not let baboons roam the fields at will, we realise the need for unity in fighting for democratic elections in Zimbabwe at whatever cost.

Clemence Tauya Nhliziyo

Deputy Head of Communication.

Democratic Assembly For Restoration And Empowerment (D.A.R.E)

DARE Workers Day Speech

My compatriots, as we celebrate International Workers Day aka May Day, we salute all the millions of Zimbabweans all over the world, who are working hard for themselves and their families. We want to pay tribute to the less than 10% of workers formally employed in Zimbabwe who work under very difficult and challenging conditions. We particularly and especially celebrate the entrepreneurship and ingenuity of the majority of workers who work in the informal sector.

All Zimbabwean workers at home and in the Diaspora make this Government and country work (pun intended). We salute you all children of the soil. Without your strong work ethic and resilience, manifested in various family survival strategies, this economy and country would have totally collapsed. Although we must celebrate, we should also be mindful of the real spectre of the poverty ‘Ghost of 2007/8′, which is stalking us and treating to haunt us even as we speak today.

We have to ask ‘What is the state of Labor and the Labor movement in Zimbabwe on this auspicious day?’

Unfortunately, the country is not working (pun intended). An overwhelming majority, up to 90 %, are unemployed. The remaining 10% are both overworked and underpaid for the jobs that they do.

Moreover, for those in work, the inequality gap between the lowest paid worker and management is staggering and unjustifiable on many levels. The Government protects partisan executives in the public sector and quasi-state institutions and has stopped caring for the plight of ordinary workers. Central Government and local councils have recently been caught up in an unprecedented fraudulent racket where income tax, pension and NASA deductions among other deductions have not been remitted to their final destinations. Looting and corruption in Government and quasi government bodies is endemic and has taken pandemic proportions to include the private and charitable sectors too.

Furthermore and more worrying is a culture that has taken root in the recent past , of non payment of workers for months and sometimes for years for a job done. This is a corrupt, illegal and immoral practice. It has to stop and the authorities in a DARE Government would have intervened by now.

Sadly, the leadership of the Labor Movement has abandoned the mandate that the workers gave them to represent their interests. Instead, the Labor Movement has been infiltrated and the leadership like sheep has allowed themselves to be manipulated by the erstwhile partners in the GNU for political and corrupt ends. It is time to go back to basics, to the mandate. We should reorganize and realign labor laws and practices to be in tandem with the new Constitution and best practices all over the world.

On the other hand, we call on business owners, entrepreneurs and public sector managers to adhere to the tenets of good corporate governance, shun corruption, pay workers in the lowest bracket a living wage, and further improve their conditions of service.

Across our borders, the xenophobic
attacks against our nationals in South Africa are a poignant manifestation of the economic decline and rot back home. There is serious under employment of talent in our economy, most graduates are have been reduced to vendors, shopkeepers and security guards.

Some have crossed our borders for better opportunities in neighboring countries and have been caught up in these recent xenophobic attacks. The general consensus among the leaders at the SADC meeting in Harare a few days ago seemed to be that Zimbabweans should be repatriated back to the country. A country that has nothing to offer, where Telecel is closing down sending hundreds onto the street. What does the future hold for these returnees?

The National leadership neither has solutions nor does it seem to care. This is a potential powder keg for social unrest. DARE like many other know that the solution lies in rescuscitating the economy. It is the economy, stupid!

A DARE Government will create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and business. We will attract the much-needed Foreign Direct Investment through investor friendly policies. That is what the country needs to boost manufacturing industry and enable businesses to flourish and employment levels to fall and yes, eliminated altogether. Those who want to work should be able work.

Furthermore, there is a need for a paradigm shift to boost employment
through introduction of shift work in some sectors of the economy. This is true of the hospitality industry, can, and should be extended to the retail sector and other sectors. The time has come for businesses to start operating at hours convenient to the public and not just convenient to them. The era of a nine to five job (9am to 5pm) is long gone.

In that vein, we are painfully aware that every ordinary citizen of Zimbabwe deserves a good, long and healthy productive life. Our families deserve good, long and healthy productive lives.

Therefore, the Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE) political party came into being in March 2014 to restore the ideals of the liberation struggle and empower every Zimbabwe man, woman and child and not just a few elite families.

We dare you to Join DARE and vote for
our candidates in the June 10 Parliamentary by-elections and usher in an era of business development and growth, job creation and job opportunities.

Kind regards,

Benny Mukusha

DARE International Relations Officer

Police Brutality in Zimbabwe

DARE condemns all forms of police brutality. All human beings should be treated fairly.


Politics Is A Relay

A group of South African comedians have mocked the political leadership of Zimbabwe. In a video which went viral on the internet, the three actors are discussing how the political leadership is supposed to be like, something which late politician and Zanu PF bigwig Edson Zvobgo once reiterated, that politics is like a relay.

In Zimbabwe as has been noted starting with the President Robert Mugabe to other political parties particularly the MDC-T, only one person has been running the race and running away with the ‘baton’ of leadership. In a relay, one runner has to hand the baton to the next person until the race finishes, in Zimbabwe’s situatio,, Mugabe has been running away with the baton of presidency and is not giving up soon.

Just as Zvobgo had put it, “MuZimbabwe takapa chimuti kubenzi, rakabva ratiza nacho harichadi kupa vamwe(in Zimbabwe we gave the baton(presidency) to a mad person who ran away with it and not giving others a chance)”, Mugabe has dealt with any oppostion to his leadership. The recent purge has seen Vice President Joyce Mujuru and other top Zanu PF bigwigs being dismissed and expelled from the party.

The same now goes with the opposition. Morgan Tsvangirai’s has seen a lot of break aways from the party with many demanding him to step down since he has failed. Recently, Tsvangirai has been given a lot of power by the amendments made on their constitution.

Below is the video of the actors portraying/teasing Zimbabwe politics.


By-Elections Update: Candidates Profiles

Washington Madure promises to develop Dzivaresekwa and make it self-sustainable

Washington Madure promises to develop Dzivaresekwa and make it self-sustainable

Washington Madure was born in Kadoma and grew up in Harare. He was educated at Kuwadzana 4 Primary School and Kuwadzana High School. He furthered his education at the Harare Polytechnic College.

Mr. Madure is a driver for development in Dzivaresekwa, restoration of the lost values and pride of the community and youth empowerment through sport, employment programmes and youth development through various training programmes.

This is Madure’s first time to stand as parliamentary candidate.

DARE president joins Bindura students clean up campaign

Leader President Dzikiti chats with Bindura residents

Leader President Dzikiti chats with Bindura residents

On Saturday, His Excellency DARE President Gilbert Dzikiti visited the Mashonaland Central community and had a time to listen to their grievances as well as highlighting to them the RESTORATION plan.

It was a great and historical visit and the President together with his team joined the Bindura university students on a clean up campaign.

DARE rasvika kwese

Kwese kwese tinogadzirisa

Bindura University students on a clean up campaign

Bindura University students on a clean up campaign