WHEREAS the DARE Youth Movement (hereinafter referred to as “DYM”) is an organ of the Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE) and is established in accordance with Article 7 of DARE Party Constitution; DYM is committed to the ideas of democracy, meritocracy, peace and youth empowerment.

The Youth movement shall play an active role in emancipating the young people of our nation who are emasculated by lack of resources, ideologies or education. In so doing, the DARE Youth Movement shall strive to achieve fundamental social-economic change for all young people and the working class. It shall unite the young people of our nation to take their rightful place in the affairs of the country.

Proud of Zimbabwe’s history of struggle and the achievement of freedom from the white minority rule by the people of our country.

Recognizing our responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe;

Determined to ensure that the freedom that our people won is defended, restored and the values that are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe are deepened in our society;

United in our resolve to establish a united, non-sexist, non-racial, democratic, prosperous and inclusive society and a Zimbabwe identity we all share;

Committed to the improvement of social conditions and the lives of young people, to free the potential of each person, and to strengthen social cohesion, hereby undertake to redouble our efforts to build, restore and strengthen a cohesive society that celebrates diversity by upholding the fundamental values of respect, integrity,

Hunhu/Ubuntu, compassion, openness, accountability and solidarity.

The name of the organisations shall be DARE Youth Movement; herein referred to as DYM.


DARE Youth Movement shall:

1. Ensure that the Zimbabwe youth society make a full and rich contribution to the work of the DARE and to the life of the nation;

2. Promote unity and patriotism among young people in Zimbabwe;

3. Strive and work for the educational, moral and cultural upliftment of the youth;

4. Promote among the youth the spirit of international solidarity, peace and friendship with other nations;

5. Champion the general rights and interests of the Zimbabwean Youth and working class

6. to inculcate in the youth patriotic spirit, hard work, self-reliance, respect and love for cultural values and traditions, and the need to be willing catalyst in the process of nation building and the creation of a non-exploitative, non-oppressive and democratic society;

7. fully participate in the promotion of the culture of selfless and voluntary service towards the struggle against unemployment, ignorance, illiteracy and all types of social ills in the Zimbabwean society;

8. promote and protect common historical heritage such as monuments and sites and to develop exchange programmes amongst the youth of Zimbabwe so that there could be greater awareness about the country, its history, natural resources and beauty. In addition, to protect the Zimbabwean environment and sustainable utilization of Zimbabwe’s natural resources;


DARE Youth Movement shall operate on a national, provincial, constituent, zonal and ward level. Other structures shall be created for co-ordination and implementation purposes and will enjoy delegated powers.


1. The DYM shall be a voluntary youth organisation and a mass organ of DARE.

2. The DYM shall function as an autonomous body within the overall structure of the DARE of which it shall be an integral part. It shall be based on the political and ideological objectives of DARE.

3. Members of Youth Movement over the age of eighteen (18) shall be obliged to join and participate fully in the general political life of DARE.

4. The Youth Movement shall liaise closely with DARE at all levels (national, provincial, district and zonal levels)

4.1. Membership is open to all persons aged 16 to 35 years

4.2. Only members who are 18 and above are eligible to vote and be voted for

4.3. Application and membership shall be received and considered by the Youth League at Branch level

4.4. A subscription fee will be paid annually by members which shall be determined by the National Congress

4.5. An application may be declined on the following grounds:
Non-citizen of the Republic of Zimbabwe

ARTICLE 7: Organisational Structure

The Youth League branches will be in accordance with those of the Party but with a minimum membership of 30.

7.1. Composition
7.1.1. Branch Committee
Branch Committee elected office bearers
Deputy Chairperson
Deputy Secretary
Two committee members

7.1.2. Regional Committee
Regional Committee elected office bearers
Deputy Chairperson
Deputy Secretary
Public Relations Officer
Project Coordinator
All Branch Chairpersons and Secretaries

7.1.3. Provincial Committee
Provincial Committee elected office bearers
Deputy Chairperson
Deputy Secretary
Public Relations Officer
Project Coordinator
All Regional Chairpersons and Secretaries

7.1.4. National Executive Committee
N.E.C elected office bearers
Deputy President
Secretary General
Deputy Secretary General
Public Relations Officer
Project Coordinator
Organising Secretary
Other members being the Provincial Chairpersons and the Secretaries shall be additional members of the NEC

8. The National Congress (N.C)
It is the highest decision-making body of the organisation and its decision shall be binding upon all members
The N.C shall be held once every two years during October and shall elect the National Executive Committee of the organisation
The N.C shall attended by three delegates from each branch

8.1. The National Council
Shall be the second highest decision-making body in the organisation in which urgent policy matters and general matters may be discussed
Meet once every three months for scheduled meetings

8.2. The National Executive
Be accountable to the DARE Youth Movement
Hold scheduled meetings every two months

9. Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

9.1. President
Responsible for the execution of the constitution
Chair all meetings of the organisation
Coordinate all duties of the organisation
Be a signatory to all finance related matters
Be ex-officio to all sub-structures of the organisation
Prepare and present the President’s Report at the N.C

9.2. Deputy President
Shall deputise the President in his/her absense or when he/she is unable to perform his/her duties, or when he or she is unavailable to perform duties consistent with this constitution, except in finance-related matters
Perform such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President and the NEC
Be responsible for all other activities which are not provided for by the current portfolios

9.3. Secretary General
Chief custodian of the documents and assets of the organisation, except finance
Be responsible for the processing of all correspondence with any person or bodies of the organisation
Deputise the president in the absence of the Presidency
Convene all scheduled meetings of the organisation, N.C or NEC in consultation with the president
Prepare and present the SG’s report at the N.C
Be a signatory to all finance-related matters

9.4. Deputy Secretary General
Record all proceedings of the organisation
Perform all other secretarial duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Secretary General, except in finance-related matters

9.5. Treasurer
Be responsible for all finance and financial policies of the organisation
Be responsible for all financial transactions, records and accounts of the organisation
Prepare and present an audited financial statement to the N.C
Be signatory to all matters pertaining to finance
Head the fundraising and finance committees of the organisation together with PRO.

9.6. The Public Relations Officer
Be the Chief Marketing Officer of the organisation and head of publicity and media sub-committee of the organisation
Be responsible for the public relations of the organisation
Manage the production of all publications, notices and other forms of communication of the organisation

9.7. Project Coordinator
Be responsible for all the projects of the organisation
Heads the projects sub-committee of the organisation
Be responsible for overseeing all the projects of the organisation

9.9. The Organising Secretary
Be responsible to liase with other political parties
Be responsible for political education of the organisation

10.1. Powers and duties of the National Executive Committee
Management and control of the organisation
Execution and implementation of resolutions of the organisation
Convening of meetings of the organisation
Facilitate the establishment of sub-committees
Suspend any member of the Executive who brings the name of the committee, organisation or party into disrepute
The President shall assume control of these meetings and shall have power to request any member who is considered unruly to leave
The President shall powers entrusted by the Constitution to perform functions of the organisation and of the leader thereof

10.2. Powers and duties of the PEC shall:
Be similar to those of the NEC but only on provincial matters

10.3. Provincial Federal Congress(PFC) shall:
Be the highest decision making body of the organisation on provincial matters
Be held once a year and shall elect the PEC

10.4. Powers and duties of the REC shall:
Be as those of the PEC, but only on regional matters
The Regional Congress(RC) shall be held annually and shall elect office bearers

10.5. The Branch Annual General Meeting shall:
Be held once a year and elect office bearers and provide reports from the BEC
Branch General Meeting will be held once a month or as the BEC might deem it necessary to discuss organisational matters

10.6. Corporate Financial Powers
The executive shall:
Through the Treasurer, administer in the interests of the organisation such funds as may be received by it from time to time, including the accounts of the organisation.
Receive donations and other forms of financial assistance to the organisation which will be decided upon by the N.C
Have a cheque account which must have three signatories as provided below:
– President
– Secretary General
– The Treasurer, provided that none of the signatories above shall be deputised in all matters relating to finance.

11. Term of Office
11.1. A member of the executive committee shall:
Hold office for two years running from September to September of the second year
Not hold office subject to maladminstration, expulsion and disqualification consistent with this Constitution.

11.2. The entire Executive can be impeached and an interim executive be elected by show of hands in a National Council meeting

11.3. Termination of Membership
11.3.1. A member of the Executive shall cease to hold such office:
When he/she is no longer a member of the organisation
When a vote of confidence has been passed on him/her in a NEC meeting, consistent with this Constitution
When he/she has seriously violated this Constitution
When he/she is automatically disqualified including failure to attend three scheduled meetings of the executive without reasonable apology; and
Expulsion by the organisation
If and when he/she resigns voluntarily
Upon death

11.4. Elections and By-Elections
Any eligible member of National Council and National Congress shall be eligible to nominate, to be nominated and to vote

11.5. Elections
Elections shall be held during the National Congress
All elections shall be by secret ballot and must be certified, free, fair and democratic
The Electoral Commission, headed by the Deputy President of the Party shall administer and run the elections until the results are announced

11.6. Voting
There shall be at least one polling booth
There shall be no voting by proxy
A voter may cast as many votes as there are contested positions provided there shall be one vote for each position

11.6.1. Electoral Commission
The President of the Party shall form a commission for the purpose of administering elections, provided that members of the Executive shall not be part of it

11.6.2. By-Elections
Voting shall be by show of hands at NC, after each nomination has been seconded
No member may be nominated in absentia

11.6.3. Nominations
Nomination shall not be on the same day as elections
A nomination paper shall contain the consent – signature of the nominee, including signature of the nominator and a seconder
Campaigning shall be optional, provided it cannot be within a 50m radius of the polling booth

Violence Against Opposition in By-Elections Campaign

D.A.R.E Deputy Spokesperson, Clemence Nhliziyo

D.A.R.E Deputy Spokesperson, Clemence Nhliziyo

The opposition is once again faced with the ever increasing violence as by-elections are being held in Zimbabwe. Of concern to D.A.R.E Political Party is violence in Hurungwe which obviously has spiraled into Harare campaigns where there has been recorded cases of violence against the opposition.

The point is we have seen the complicity of state arms in this violence. This is clearly so in Hurungwe, GlenView South, Highfield West and Kuwadzana. In Hurungwe the opposition candidate’s farm has been invaded and his workers assaulted grievously with no arrest to date. Hurungwe is in fear as people are being threatened, kidnapped, tortured and have practically been imprisoned in their country.

The recent video of Ignatious Chiminya Chombo addressing Sabhukus and chiefs and seconding to them state security personnel has pointed at a gross abuse of authority, office and state arms to further partisan interest. The state intelligence apparatus have been roped in to be involved in influencing the vote while traditional leaders through fear being forced to play ball with Zanu Pf against their better judgement. Hurungwe can never be considered free and fair elections and violence there is disgusting, smacking of debauchery and gross human rights abuses while the police fail to act in defence of people.

The very scourge of violence has spread to by-election areas in Harare where opposition supporters have been attacked in Glen View, Highfield and Kuwadzana over the past weekend. Once again no criminals and perpetrators were arrested as the law agencies froze in the face of party power. It points to lawlesness and criminal immunity.

It is really pathetic and against the spirit of the constitution of Zimbabwe and democracy at large. The constitution guarantees freedom of expression, political persuasion and freedom of movement. The purpose of having elections is contestation of ideas and promise and not violence and muscle. It is in light of the scourge of violence that we ask ZEC to declare that conditions for free and fair elections do not exist and have not existed in Zimbabwe.

The events prior to any election affects the result on voting day and after. With this in mind we call upon ZEC to disqualify Zanu Pf in the pending by-elections. Even after bussing in people from Harare South and other people from other constituencies Zanu Pf continues to intimidate oposition mobilisers which is a violation of the electoral act. Mr Terence Makupe in his court case has glaringly pointed out the fact that ZEC takes orders from Zanu Pf functionaries and the nomination court was adjourned from the normal bussines time of 16:30 to way after 21:00 to accomodate Zanu PF.

Such was the case in Headlands constituency where Didymus Mutasa was disqualified with Zanu PF threatening electoral court officials. It is apparent that ZEC is not impartial in the act of unfair inclinations towards elections in Zimbabwe. We are obviously going into an election with a half baked voters roll and there is more room for manipulation of election results. We are cogniscent of the need to reform the electoral process in Zimbabwe and especially the secretariat at ZEC, the influence of Zanu PF on security apparatus and abuse of such personnel to further entrench the ruling party hedgemony.

We are indeed appealing to the generality of Zimbabweans to the fact that, although we can not let baboons roam the fields at will, we realise the need for unity in fighting for democratic elections in Zimbabwe at whatever cost.

Clemence Tauya Nhliziyo

Deputy Head of Communication.

Democratic Assembly For Restoration And Empowerment (D.A.R.E)

DARE Workers Day Speech

My compatriots, as we celebrate International Workers Day aka May Day, we salute all the millions of Zimbabweans all over the world, who are working hard for themselves and their families. We want to pay tribute to the less than 10% of workers formally employed in Zimbabwe who work under very difficult and challenging conditions. We particularly and especially celebrate the entrepreneurship and ingenuity of the majority of workers who work in the informal sector.

All Zimbabwean workers at home and in the Diaspora make this Government and country work (pun intended). We salute you all children of the soil. Without your strong work ethic and resilience, manifested in various family survival strategies, this economy and country would have totally collapsed. Although we must celebrate, we should also be mindful of the real spectre of the poverty ‘Ghost of 2007/8′, which is stalking us and treating to haunt us even as we speak today.

We have to ask ‘What is the state of Labor and the Labor movement in Zimbabwe on this auspicious day?’

Unfortunately, the country is not working (pun intended). An overwhelming majority, up to 90 %, are unemployed. The remaining 10% are both overworked and underpaid for the jobs that they do.

Moreover, for those in work, the inequality gap between the lowest paid worker and management is staggering and unjustifiable on many levels. The Government protects partisan executives in the public sector and quasi-state institutions and has stopped caring for the plight of ordinary workers. Central Government and local councils have recently been caught up in an unprecedented fraudulent racket where income tax, pension and NASA deductions among other deductions have not been remitted to their final destinations. Looting and corruption in Government and quasi government bodies is endemic and has taken pandemic proportions to include the private and charitable sectors too.

Furthermore and more worrying is a culture that has taken root in the recent past , of non payment of workers for months and sometimes for years for a job done. This is a corrupt, illegal and immoral practice. It has to stop and the authorities in a DARE Government would have intervened by now.

Sadly, the leadership of the Labor Movement has abandoned the mandate that the workers gave them to represent their interests. Instead, the Labor Movement has been infiltrated and the leadership like sheep has allowed themselves to be manipulated by the erstwhile partners in the GNU for political and corrupt ends. It is time to go back to basics, to the mandate. We should reorganize and realign labor laws and practices to be in tandem with the new Constitution and best practices all over the world.

On the other hand, we call on business owners, entrepreneurs and public sector managers to adhere to the tenets of good corporate governance, shun corruption, pay workers in the lowest bracket a living wage, and further improve their conditions of service.

Across our borders, the xenophobic
attacks against our nationals in South Africa are a poignant manifestation of the economic decline and rot back home. There is serious under employment of talent in our economy, most graduates are have been reduced to vendors, shopkeepers and security guards.

Some have crossed our borders for better opportunities in neighboring countries and have been caught up in these recent xenophobic attacks. The general consensus among the leaders at the SADC meeting in Harare a few days ago seemed to be that Zimbabweans should be repatriated back to the country. A country that has nothing to offer, where Telecel is closing down sending hundreds onto the street. What does the future hold for these returnees?

The National leadership neither has solutions nor does it seem to care. This is a potential powder keg for social unrest. DARE like many other know that the solution lies in rescuscitating the economy. It is the economy, stupid!

A DARE Government will create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and business. We will attract the much-needed Foreign Direct Investment through investor friendly policies. That is what the country needs to boost manufacturing industry and enable businesses to flourish and employment levels to fall and yes, eliminated altogether. Those who want to work should be able work.

Furthermore, there is a need for a paradigm shift to boost employment
through introduction of shift work in some sectors of the economy. This is true of the hospitality industry, can, and should be extended to the retail sector and other sectors. The time has come for businesses to start operating at hours convenient to the public and not just convenient to them. The era of a nine to five job (9am to 5pm) is long gone.

In that vein, we are painfully aware that every ordinary citizen of Zimbabwe deserves a good, long and healthy productive life. Our families deserve good, long and healthy productive lives.

Therefore, the Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE) political party came into being in March 2014 to restore the ideals of the liberation struggle and empower every Zimbabwe man, woman and child and not just a few elite families.

We dare you to Join DARE and vote for
our candidates in the June 10 Parliamentary by-elections and usher in an era of business development and growth, job creation and job opportunities.

Kind regards,

Benny Mukusha

DARE International Relations Officer


The Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE) is seeking a mandate from Zimbabweans in 2018 to BOOST Zimbabwe’s economy and create a majority GUTSARUZHINJI vibrant economy with better paying above Poverty Datum Line jobs, legal profit making businesses, reliable and affordable electricity and water supply, higher quality but cheaper education and health access, developed road, rail and air infrastructure. This will be achieved by the ZIM-BOOSTER Economy blueprint anchored on:

1. Strict anti-corruption and anti-looting measures and anti-corrupt and anti-looting governance to prevent loss of state revenue through such illegal acts as corruption and looting.

2. Cutting Government spending on non-essential expenses such as medical check-ups for Government officials abroad and a lean Cabinet and Government, cutting spending on multiple cars and houses for Government officials,

3. Creating an attractive business environment where local and foreign investors are assured of security of investment and legal protection from chaotic and illegal seizure of assets or vandalism.

4. through fair and tax burden reduction taxation.

5. Pursuit of productive international relations and expansion of access to global markets,

6. Boosting job creation and

7. Boosting local confidence in local products.

8. Boosting housing, electricity, water, road, air and rail infrastructure.

9. Boosting local and foreign business investment through progressive, fair, just and well-coordinated policies well-funded by a responsible and well balanced economic policy that addresses sustained economic growth and while managing fiscal and monetary policies which address local, international trade and social, economic and political issues.

This Economic policy covers government revenue collection, direct foreign investment, spending, managing money supply, interest rates, trade relations and other peripheral economic issues that will boost Zimbabwe’s economy to grow and benefit all Zimbabweans.

It is important for the DARE government to focus on boosting the economy and nation in the early years and then progress towards economic sustainability by creating sustainable employment, supporting local businesses and foreign investment. The current corrupt allocation of land, mineral rights, water rights and other resources will be replaced by transparent policies where the Zimbabwe masses have the right to access information at any time on how tenders and business licenses are being allocated by the Dare Government.



Given the general Zimbabwe economy distortions, volatility and instability, Dare party will set specific tax rates within a timeframe where such tax rates will be in touch with reality and are accurate. However, the central agenda of Dare party with regard to taxes is to cut down taxes for both the working people, consumers and producers of goods and services(companies) in order to drastically reduce the tax burden on workers, consumers and the business people. The gap created from cutting taxes will be covered by funds generated from Dare Government strict anti-corruption and anti-looting governance, as well as funds generated from cutting Government spending on non-essential expenses.

The tax base will expand as more industries open and more people being employed but taxes will be lower than current rates. Revenue collection shall be under a Department of Taxation.

All companies operating in Zimbabwe will be registered through decentralized Company Registration Offices and issued with registration number which shall be used for tax returns, VAT returns and company returns. This number will help the Tax Department to follow up on those companies who have not lodged returns. All collections shall be remitted to Treasury. Revenue will be collected through;
Corporate and personal taxes
Mining resources rent tax
Land tax
Customs/Import and Excise Tax
Toll Gates fees
Sustainable loans

Parastatals, which shall fall under parent ministries shall be capitalized on a business case basis and will repay Treasury the principal amounts within a defined time by the Dare Government based on the realities of the times.

Heads of parastatals will be employed on merit and contracts tied to annual returns, will be expected to run their enterprises as business units.

The State/National Budget
The budget will endeavor to address political, social and economic issues while addressing inflationary issues through strict anti-corruption and anti-looting government, attractive and rewarding business environment for locals and foreigners, attractive lowered tax environment, pursuit of productive international relations and trade, boosting local employment creation, managed and responsible government spending. Accounting officers of ministries shall be held accountable for departmental performance and subsequent allocations shall depend on audited financial reports by the Office of Auditor General. Supplementary budgetary allocations will depend on audited financial statements and business cases for all requested amounts. Budget officers will be allocated to each ministry and department to manage the budgeting process.

The fiscal policy shall also be used to create jobs in the entire economy in conjunction with the monetary policy.

Reserve Bank and Monetary Policy
The Reserve Bank Board shall act independently of Government in order to bring credibility to monetary supply and interest rates management. This may require amendment of the RBZ Act to ensure that fiscal policy act complimentary to monetary policy management. The Government will be a highly alert and vigilant member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank on an international level and such regional and continental monetary affiliations such as African Development Bank (ADB). The Reserve bank shall use money supply and a floating interest rate to control the inflation rate. The Reserve Bank shall not engage in political funding but only apply itself to monetary matters in line with its enacted mandate.

Trade Policy
The government will work to expand access to international markets by boosting local production of goods and services in high demand globally. The Dare Government will also pursue win-win bi-lateral and international relations and improving relations with fellow members of the international community.

DARE (Democratic Assembly For Restoration And Empowerment)Statement On Mugabe Birthday

Zimbabwe is facing an economic collapse and serious cave in. It is suprising that ignorance and indifference within the ruling party has led to a total divorce from reality. Reality that there is a sea of rampant poverty and hunger due to economic meltdown. Such a situation cannot at all be glossed over by wasting millions of dollars in hosting a party at the expense of a nation struggling to provide food for its own people.

Yes birthdays should be an occassion to celebrate but it defeats all civility and decorum to ignore the open face reality against the extravagance and opulence of a far removed ruling class from the majority of struggling people. It surely is the worst insult being peddled and uncouthly flaunted in the face of poverty stricken and underemployed Zimbabweans.

In this light we call upon the people of Zimbabwe to indeed open their eyes and minds and ask themselves if it is the Zimbabwe they want to live in. Are we still within the values of the liberation war and are we living within its ethos.

The lavish money could have been channelled into empowerment programmes as loans to vendors and the informal sector which has become the hub of the country’s economy. To celebrate with such magnitude is surely a slap in the face for the youth and marginalised of this country and does not reflect well on the begging bowl we have been forced to extend to China and other countries.

Zimbabwe today requires fiscal discipline and the first family should be an example to the rest of citizenry. Yes, the birthday has come and tomorrow it will be past but with what legacy.

We are seized with acute decline in health and social services and the US$1 milion being blown on this birthday could go a long way towards resuscitating such sectors.We however remind the generality of Zimbabweans that DARE is an option they should embrace and consider in restoring the values, ethos, economy and tradition of Ubuntu which clearly shows that we are a human party with holistic solutions to peoples ills.

We refuse to partake in excess of power and opulence and cling to our resolve to restore values and empower the people of Zimbabwe. None but ourselves will restore Zimbabwe.

DARE Kwese Kwese!!

Idale Yonke Indawo !!!!



DARE President


Your Excellency the acting President of Zambia, Mr. Guy Scott, on behalf of the good people of Zimbabwe and our party Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE), we would like to convey our deepest condolences following the untimely death of your President, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata.

His untimely death had just hit us all hard, given that it is only a few days now since we celebrated as Africans your 50th anniversary of Independance. Zambia’s democracy remains one element that had seen this sovereign African nation receiving credit from within and internationally. Given that he was the country’s 5th president is a clear indication that the democratic will of the people of Zambia had always been respected.

We do understand with all due respect his more than 20 years of serving Zambia firstly under the then President Keneth Kaunda’s UNIP party as a trade unionist. He then defected to MMD in 1990 under the then Zambian President Frederick Chiluba.
He was a very much trusted cadre and a proffessional one as displayed by his perfomances in various ministries being as: Ministry of Local Government 1991, Ministry of Labour 1993 and lastly the Ministry of Health 1994. Due to the REAL

DEMOCRACY enjoyed by Zambians on their own land, Mr Sata went on to form his political party, the Patriotic Front in which he was elected and sworn in as President for the Repubic of Zambia in September 2011. This is the office he had been serving until the day God decided to call him for yet another supreme service at 21:00HRS of the 28th October in this 2014 year of our Lord in the City of Westminister.

During this time of grief, we urge all Zambians to mourn him with utmost hope. We do not forget to pass our deepest condolences as well to his widow, Mrs Christine Kaseba Sata and children: Mulenga Sata; Chilufya Sata and Kazimu Sata.

Go well Michael. The gallant son of Africa. We will miss you King Cobra.

From the Office of International Relations for DARE.

Mr. M.M Chirimambowa
+263 77 598 1710.

What is the Duty of the Government


The first duty of the government is
that of protecting the society from
the violence and invasion of other
independent societies,The second
duty of the government is that of
protecting, as far as possible, every
member of the society from
injustice or oppression of every
other member of it.
administration of justice….
Poverty takes many forms, and
demands a corresponding breadth
of responses. Making services
accessible to the poor is integral to
the effort. Basic government
services allow people to be
productive members of society;
therefore, the provision of
fundamentals like agricultural
support and irrigation, roads,
health, and primary education are
essential, the provision of social
protection is particularly important.
Government services in the fields of
economic development and
culture, for instance, are also
deemed to be ‘public goods’ that
bring benefits to individuals and
Substantial improvements in the
provision of public services are key
to achieving most to the citizens.
For example, most child deaths in
developing countries could be
prevented through the
implementation of effective and
low-cost public health
interventions. Is this so in
Additionally, effective delivery
requires good governance and
performance management, so that
funds are directed quickly to the
most urgent needs, and incentives
enable service providers to make
good use of available resources.
Is our government taking its
priorities serious, giving citizens
clean water, electricity, health,
education and is the government
creating enough jobs for the
The 2,2 million target will never be
delivered without investment and
when corruption is at its highest
level in the country, Zimbabwe.
Have a lovely weekend. God bless


Concerning Heroes day commemoration: DARE’S PERSPECTIVE

heroes A hero is a person who gives himself up to selflessly towards a cause or service to one’s country. If we are going to accept this abridged version of a hero then we are going to accept simply that the real heroes to Zimbabwe’s War for Liberation are more numerous than we are made to believe. It has come to my attention that if one is not part of the Zanu-pf hierarchy then one is not a hero. This as far as the struggle for Zimbabwe is concerned is untrue.

DARE strongly believes in the liberation cause. We believe strongly in and want to restore the spirit that send the children of this country to foreign lands ad to acquire weaponry to free their country from oppression. That spirit of patriotism, throwing caution to the wind and braving the unknown for the freedom of one’s country is for DARE what defines a hero and truly what makes our freedom fighters unique.

It must quickly be pointed out that we are not talking about an insurrection here but about restoring the true definitions of hero and patriot and recalling that spirit that once pushed my fore-bearers to pick up weapons and fight foreign oppression.

How painful it must be for them to see the promises made before independence unfulfilled 34 years after independence is beyond comprehension for someone as young as me.

What I can comprehend however is the pain of a father and mother whose son or daughter went to war and did not come back and they have not been given any due recognition. What I can understand is the pain of the parents who gave their all and were tortured by the Rhodesians for supporting the war of liberation. To see their hopes, wishes and aspirations for independence turn into myths and fables is truly painful. To imagine that 34 years after independence there still places were the demeaning process isn’t done, areas that are still as Smith left them, areas that still display the imbalance of colonialism. Smith didn’t need to do a thing for those areas, after all blacks lived there. However I don’t know how the looters in Zanu PF can justify the state of affairs. Can they tell the people that this is the independence and this is what their son the hero died for? Can they tell the people in rural Zimbabwe, who really bore the brunt of war from all fronts that this is the Zimbabwe we fought for? I don’t know and shudder to think people; what would happen if Tongogara was to wake up today, if Chairman Chitepo was to rise today from the cold earth whether he would say this is what we fought for.

Lets not forget that the real heroes of the war for liberation are the people who bore the brunt of war. Fish can not survive without water but water exists without fish. The people who sustained the fighters, nourished their hunger, who quenched their sexual desires and provided cover for them: those are the real heroes. Heroes are not people who hijacked the liberation cause and lined their pockets in the process. Those are thieves and corrupt people bent on distorting the real history and the real fight for this country. The people of Zimbabwe don’t need a shrine to tell them who is a hero and who isn’t. They don’t need a gathering of old geriatrics who call themselves a politburo to declare who is a hero and who isn’t. The people know and hence they will claim one of their own even if he is denied that status by the over-bloated geriatrics.

We know who fought for this country and we know what they fought for. Where is the freedom? Where is the GUTSARUZHINJI? Where is the health for all? Where is the education for all? Where are the amenities for all? There stil no buses plying most rural roots, water is a scarce resource, we used to have electricity and tarred roads.

somebody tell these old people’d home that it must be that only and stop masquerading as liberators and as champions of empowerment or we all know what they are champions of. Do they not tire of looting? Corruption and ruining and misrule?

As we go into this Heroes’ Day commemoration, lets us look at the proper definition of what is a hero and let us look at what drove those young people to do what they did. Let us restore that spirit, let us restore that love, let us restore that patriotism and that selflessness.






Our Secretary for Information and Publicity Mr. Jones Musara has these eye-opening words to say:
Some brief information on the difference between DARE party and ZANU PF and MDCs:

The difference between DARE and ZANU PF and MDCs is that DARE we have no bad record of using violence to obtain or retain power, we have no record of engagement in the politics of fear and chaos, we have no record of corruption and looting, we have no record of incompetence.

Then of course our policies and agenda is different. Dare is for gutsaruzhinji whilst those failed parties are for gutsamashefu negutsavashoma.

Dare is also for Budiriro yeZimbabwe yose not budiriro yemashefu chete as is the ZANU AND MDCs politics.

Dare is also for truly practising democracy socially, economically and politically whilst those failed ZANU PF and mdcs are hypocrites who just preach democracy but do not practise it.

Dare does not also believe in worshiping the East or the West. Rather we worship only God. We do not boolick anyone.

Then of course on the economy front, our ideas and approaches are different. At Dare, We believe in fair, just and attractive taxation for businesses, consumers and workers where everyone pays taxes but as you know, ZANU PF and MDCs believe that shefus and their friends are sacred and should evade taxes with impunity.

There are more fundamental differences between DARE and ZANU and MDCs- this is just the brief of it.